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Anti Aging Plan For Men Over 50

An anti aging plan for men over 50 focuses on telomeres.  Telomeres hold the key to slower aging, age-reversing and disease fighting.  Now the secret is out of the bag - the telomere is the trigger for all disease: Anti-Aging 2.0!  So what does this actually mean?

In 2009, the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded for research explaining the telomere (the “ends” of your DNA strands).

The research involved a famous experiment with mice, where scientists at Harvard discovered the "switch'" that explains aging and how aging can be reversed.

The "switch" actually made old mice young again.  And what was the “switch”?  Telomerase – the enzyme that rebuilds telomeres making them longer.

Once the enzyme switch was turned on, female mice became fertile, male mice became sexually potent, their eyesight got better, and their brains actually grew to be more youthful.

Short telomeres have been shown to be the underlying cause behind heart disease, Alzheimer’s, inflammation, diabetes, bone loss, and more.

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Here’s The Anti Aging Plan For Men Over 50

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The length of telomeres dictates what kind of cells your body can produce.  Longer telomeres can restore youthful characteristics and even put an end to chronic disease.  Longer telomeres produce younger-acting cells.  Anti aging plan for men over 50 includes specific focus on telomeres.

Slower aging gets better . . . new research has uncovered vitamins and nutrients, available online or at the grocery store, that can activate telomerase. The implications of knowing how to reactivate your telomerase are profound!

Dr. Al Sears has created a series of special reports which outline the recent advances in telomere research and an anti aging plan for men over 50.

Telomere Secrets, Volume 1: Rejuvenate Your Aging Heart – will show you how you can maintain the heart strength and physical performance of someone decades younger

Adding length to your telomeres means you can actually make your heart younger.

Telomere Secrets, Volume 2: Activate the Enzyme that Rebuilds Your Telomeres - tells you much more about the nutrients that activate telomerase and includes studies and references featured in some of the leading medical journals.

Telomere Secrets, Volume 3: Upgrade to a Smarter, Faster Brain - turning your telomerase on will not only rejuvenate your aging heart, but it can also restore your "shrinking" brain.

You now have the potential to avoid the painful and debilitating loss of cognitive function by restoring the youthful characteristics of your own brain.

Telomere Secrets, Volume 4: Extinguish the Fire of Inflammationwe are now aware that short telomeres are the ultimate trigger for inflammation which is the real culprit behind diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer's disease.  Lengthening your telomeres allows you to reverse inflammation and prevent (maybe even reverse) these and other chronic diseases.

Telomere Secrets, Volume 5: Erase Wrinkles and Turn Graying Hair Back to Its Original Color - This telomere research may also help reduce the appearance of fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles. It can even help turn your graying hair back to its original color.

All this is rather eye opening, but it may just be the tip of the iceberg!  Telomeres may be the trigger for ALL disease.  Studies even connect short telomeres with higher risks of cancer including breast cancer and colon cancer.

You have the right to choose how you take care of your own body.  Get these special reports and more at:

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