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The Anti-Estrogenic Diet

Men, here's a very different approach proven to regain your health, your vitality and your ability to lose weight and get leaner and stronger.

It's called The Anti-Estrogenic Diet and it's only $8.36 on Kindle from Amazon.

Discover why virtually all diets have been failing to improve your condition.  See how estrogenic foods and chemicals are making you fat and sick.

See Men and Estrogen  - and what anti estrogen foods are available.

Why Is It Called "The Anti-Estrogenic Diet"...

The title “Anti-Estrogenic” describes a means of countering the excess of estrogenic substances which we are continuously subjected to every day.

This diet is actually a means of hormone balancing – a way of eating to counteract an ecological problem that threatens your hormonal system and your survival.

Ori Hofmekler Diet

Ori Hofmekler is the author of this & The Warrior Diet  - “As a species, we’re on a fast track to extinction,” he says. The Warrior Diet on Kindle.

“In the past few decades, men have lost 50% of their sperm count and within only one generation, the average man’s sperm count and testosterone have dropped by 20%. Women are no better. Staggering figures show that most women today are suffering from female disorders and three out of ten women between the ages of 35 to 60 will develop breast cancer.”

In spite of the billions of dollars spent annually on health care, people are getting fatter and sicker than ever before with increasing rates of sterility, obesity, diabetes and cancer among men, women and even children.  See Trouble Free Prostate for a simple plan to relieve the impact of estrogen on your prostate. Increase testosterone naturally with these tips.

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Anti-Estrogenic Diet

New Revised Warrior Diet Book - The Warrior Diet is a call to action. Based on survival science and historical evidence, the Warrior Diet proposes a radically different yet proven solution to modern man's ailments and deteriorated physical condition.

The Warrior Diet shows how to nourish the body in sync with its innate circadian clock – separating between a.m. foods and p.m. foods for effective removal of toxins, increased conversion of fat for energy, increased utilization of nutrients and improved resilience to stress.

The result: a leaner, stronger and healthier body.  This is not a low fat diet.  Alkaline diets have been shown to help with estrogen dominance in men.

New Revised Warrior Diet Book Organic Protein

Organic Warrior Whey™ is a remarkably delicious, non-denatured whole organic protein – a great fit for athletes, fitness enthusiasts,health advocates, dieters, and diabetics.

Made from organic raw milk of pasture-fed cows, and tested to contain all naturally occurring immune factors and bioactive nutrients intact, as it is naturally designed to support the immune system, boost energy, nourish the muscle, promote recovery, and help counteract the aging process.

Organic whey protein can help reduce estrogen.

Organic whey label

Myomin: Natural Hormone Balancer

Myomin is an herbal blend created to normalize estrogen levels in women and men.  It works by helping to metabolize unhealthy estrogens and promoting proper hormone balance.

Myomin competes with estradiol (the most active form of estrogen) at estrogen receptor sites, and can therefore be especially effective for estrogen dominance. It also inhibits the aromatase enzyme helping to stop the conversion of androgens into estrogen.  See Energetic Nutrition to learn more.

Saunas and weight loss

Saunas can burn calories and help in weight loss.  Sauna use provides many other benefits as well.  Read how saunas burn calories and the top 10 benefits of using sauna.

Maximum Muscle Minimum Fat - This Hofmekler template to fitness is revolutionary.  There are no myths in this book, just useful science.

Ori Hofmekler reveals in Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat nutrition and training methods proven effective but unlike anything you’ve ever encountered.  Survival science, physiology, and human biology are the basis for his methods and tactics.

More than just “how to gain muscle and lose fat”,  you’ll see how to naturally boost growth hormone and testosterone using your body’s own innate ability and natural triggers.

The knowledge is worth more than the price you’ll spend for a single nutritional supplement!  Check it out.

Maximum Muscle Minimum Fat

Organic Protein Powder