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How To Eat After 50

So here’s how to eat after 50 with a primal diet.  The primal diet is alive and well on the Japanese island of Okinawa.  They have a higher percentage of 100-year-olds than almost anywhere on earth.  Not sure why they live so long but they don’t seem to get overweight and they tend to socialize constantly.

The best guess for Okinawans remarkable health is their natural diet. Their diet is anti-inflammatory.  It includes fish, edible marine plants and vegetables.

They eat foods high in omega-3, minerals and vitamins that help them fight the silent killer behind every disease we have - inflammation.  In fact, Okinawans have practically no chronic diseases.

How to train and eat for maximum growth hormone release

Meanwhile in the US, because of our unnatural environment and our unnatural diet, chronic disease is rampant, and we’re all inflamed.  Originally, our ancestors lived in an untainted world that supplied all the nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, and essential vitamins they needed from the native foods in their environment. Focus on hormone optimizing in how to eat after 50.  See how you can optimize your hormone production naturally with the Renegade style of eating.

The result - strong lean bodies, healthy sex drive, robust lungs, powerful hearts.  This is the same naturally lean, healthy body nature intended for you, but now, our nutrition has changed. It is much harder to maintain the strong, powerful, thin bodies our ancestors built naturally.

But our environment today is full of genetically modified foods, hormone and antibiotic-laced meat, and vegetables growing in soil devoid of nutrients.

“Even the FDA admits that the vitamin and mineral levels of our foods have fallen 81 per cent over the last 30 years.”

Before you start a fat loss or muscle gaining diet, check your metabolic health

Before starting a fat burning, muscle gaining program, you should assess your metabolic health.   It’s as simple as taking your temperature.  Body temperature reflects your state of metabolic health. Your average daytime temperature if you’re healthy is 98.6 degrees. If your average temperature is lower (97 degree range), then you probably have a lower than optimal metabolic state.

If your temperature is in the 96 degree range your metabolism may be reduced by 30-50% and needs attention! A lower temperature is usually a factor of thyroid function whereas a wide variability in your temperature is usually the result of a fatigued adrenal system.

Low metabolic energy can de-rail your plans for fat loss and muscle gain and it’s important to get your body to 98.6 degrees and keep it there.  Dr. Rind’s metabolic health site provides an excellent source for tips on tracking your temperature, recognizing the symptoms of low metabolic energy, and providing advice to restore your metabolic energy.

You can fix your metabolism by increasing your food intake by 300-500 calories over maintenance level.  Really boost your carbohydrate intake too.

How to eat after 50

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t need to take any nutritional supplements.  All the best vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients you need would already be in your regular diet.

Twenty-five years ago, Dr. Al Sears was one of the first to introduce therapies that were almost unknown at the time, but widely accepted today. Traveling to the most remote regions of the world, Dr. Sears finds natural healing secrets and hidden therapies that are either unknown or ignored by mainstream medicine.

His many discoveries are often breakthroughs for promoting good health and treating chronic conditions with natural, effective solutions.  Here’s why organic protein is healthier.

See how celebrities diet and workout.

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Best Muscle Gain Diet

Losing fat while gaining muscle is in fact possible with The Renegade Diet!

With the Renegade style of eating you can lose fat quickly, slow the aging process, optimize your hormone production naturally (less estrogen and cortisol, and more growth hormone and testosterone), improve your digestive system, and look and feel better than ever.

8th Element Protocol

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A cure like this threatens to bring down the entire $173 billion a year cancer industry.  There’s a way you can (legally) sidestep this ban and even cure yourself or a loved one with the 8th Element Protocol. And you can do it 100% safely and effectively.

Starting just minutes from now, you can effectively rid your body of cancer or ANY disease, without side effects, using simple 8th Element therapies.  You need to know this.

Learn more about Dr. Sears diet and supplement recommendations here.  His goal is to make sure you know all your natural options for erasing pain, illness, and disease.

In one case study involving patients taking medication for inflammatory bowel disease, they were put on an anti-inflammatory primal diet by doctors at the UMass School of Medicine.  The results were not just reduced symptoms, but the ability for all patients to discontinue taking their IBD medication after only 4 weeks on the diet.

Among many other suggestions, Dr. Sears suggests this anti-inflammatory food – the turmeric root. The flesh of turmeric root is bright orange and helps “squelch” inflammation anywhere in your body.

You can cook with it or you can buy the ground root as a powder.  Make sure it’s pure turmeric and not mostly curry.  If you can’t find turmeric fresh or ground, try a “curcumin” supplement.  Curcumin is the main beneficial component in turmeric.  The supplement should contain at least least 90% or greater curcuminoids.

Click here for more Dr. Sears Anti-inflammatory diet secrets.

Men reduce estrogen with The Anti-estrogenic Diet

Best Muscle Growth Diet Includes Protein Pulsing

Recent research forces us to question whether  muscle building requires that we keep blood amino acid levels elevated throughout the day.  Protein pulsing is now the best way to stay anabolic all while eating less frequent meals.

How does this 60 year old stay so fit?

How to eat after 50 for hormone optimization

how to eat after 50Best Muscle Gain Diet

For older men, a healthier alternative to synthetic vitamins is a greens supplement made from natural grasses and containing digestive enzymes and probiotics.

atheltic greens

Your beliefs about how you should eat may get turned upside down . . .

Low carb diets are the best for losing fat.  False

High protein diets build more muscle and burn more fat.  False

You should eat every 3 hours, 6 meals a day.  False

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  False

You need to cut calories and no carbs at night.  False

Research indicates that all these assumptions are wrong.  The Renegade Diet is a well researched and tested plan.  A complete blueprint, easy to follow, no contradictory crap either.  At less than $10 you can’t afford not to give it a try.  The results are impressive!  Especially when combined with the right muscle building plan. Blog post from a fitness model who diets this way.

Do saunas burn calories?

Since I started working out with basic moves and bodyweight exercises using mostly gymnastic rings, I've gotten much stronger and have added substantial muscle . . . and this comes after 36 years of working out!  Check out HFT2 to get started immediately!

Why should you include organic whey protein as part of your lean muscle gaining plan?

organic protein bundle