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How To Boost Testosterone Naturally

Men over 40, here's how to boost testosterone with natural supplements. Low testosterone has a huge effect on your weight, physique, energy level, and sex drive.  And it only gets worse after forty, unless you take action.

Note: Before starting any plan to naturally raise your testosterone, you need to check your current testosterone level to see if it’s already high.  High testosterone does not cause prostate cancer, and estrogen is now being looked at as the hormone affecting prostate cancer - see Trouble Free Prostate.

You should boost testosterone naturally with exercise, diet, and testosterone supplements that are not derived from real testosterone (which can alter your hormone levels dangerously).

See Best Testosterone Booster for a free guide that represents several years of personal testing based on scientific studies.  Fit men over 40 use these secrets daily.

You can stop beating your head against the wall trying to lose weight, look younger, and boost your sex drive.  The key is not the latest weight loss fad.  It's not an exercise program or special workout routines.

How To Boost Testosterone Naturally

1.    Reduce Alcohol Consumption and Quit Smoking

Alcohol lowers testosterone, though dry red wine in moderation may have little impact on your hormone levels.  Smoking kills testosterone.

2.    Get A Good Night's Sleep

Try to sleep 8 hours a night to boost testosterone production.

3.    Eat Smaller Meals Throughout The Day

Eating several small meals helps control insulin and hormones.  Consume protein, vegetables, and monosaturated fats like olive oil.  Fats are necessary for testosterone production.  

4.    Lower Body Fat

Reduce your body fat to lower estrogen and boost testosterone.  Be sure not to "crash" diet since that can stop testosterone production.

5.    Testosterone Diet - Eat Red Meat

Consuming red meat has been shown to produce 23% lower SHBG and 3% higher free testosterone than in vegan diets.  Look for "grass-fed" beef.

6.    Reduce Cortisol and Stress

Cortisol reduces testosterone levels.   Less cortisol means more testosterone.  Reduce stress since it raises cortisol.   Supplements like ashwagandha can help lower cortisol. See How To Reduce Cortisol.

7.    Eat  Garlic

Allicin found in garlic can increase testosterone.

8.    Reduce Estrogen

Reduce this feminizing hormone for an offsetting increase in testosterone.  The supplement DIM can reduce estrogen and boost testosterone. DIM  comes from plant nutrients found in cruciferous vegetables.

9.    Exercise with Intensity

Workouts that boost testosterone are short, intense resistance training (weight lifting) workouts. Lift weights using basic movements with your largest muscles.  Use relatively heavy weight and low reps and keep workouts under 45 minutes.

10. Take Supplements Proven To Boost Testosterone Naturally

Here are Natural Testosterone Supplements.

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Muira Puama - 300mg daily

Fenugreek - 1,200mg daily

Tribulus Terrestris - 500mg - 750mg daily

Horny Goat Weed - 1,000mg daily

L-Arginine - Start with 2 grams per day and build up to 6 grams if you tolerate it well.  On workout days, take l-arginine 30 minutes before your workout.  On off days, take it before bed on an empty stomach.  Only take the natural "L-" form of this amino acid.

Citrulline - You can take 1 gram per day of citrulline along with your arginine supplement.

A-AKG - Take 1 gram of A-AKG per day.

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how to boost testosterone naturally

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Low Testosterone (Low t)

Low testosterone can reduce your energy, make you weaker and fatter, and can even cause depression.  And for men over 40, it's very common.  It's the natural, progressive decreased testosterone in your body.

But why is this so natural?  Actually, it isn't natural at all.

Evidence suggests an insidious attack on your male hormone balance is taking place by outside forces.

Learn more including a detailed plan to boost testosterone and regain your manhood.

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