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Best Muscle Growth Diet Includes Protein Pulsing

The best muscle growth diet especially for men over 50, includes protein pulsing.  It’s the optimum way to stay in a muscle building anabolic state.  Old school of thought was to keep blood amino acid levels elevated throughout the day with frequent meals.

New research, however, shows you don’t need to keep your blood amino acids up all day for building muscle.  Instead, protein pulses (typically in the form of whey protein drinks) in between meals can keep your body in an anabolic (muscle building) state.

Why the best muscle growth diet includes protein pulsing

Researchers have shown that when amino acids were introduced into weight lifters, there was very little protein synthesis in the first 30 minutes and then those rates rose nearly 300% before sharply tapering off after two hours.  In other words, there appears to be a window of time that your body uses amino acids for protein synthesis – roughly 2.5 hours.

A minimum amount of amino acids (perhaps 20-40 grams) ingested every 2.5 hours is all that’s needed to maximize protein synthesis.

Pulsing protein vs. fasting

Intermittent fasting has been shown to be an effective lean muscle gaining diet.

So what’s wrong with fasting and consuming all your protein (amino acids) in a small window of time at the end of the day?

Would spreading the amount of protein consumed throughout the day rather than cramming it all in at the end of the day make a difference with protein synthesis?

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Add resistance training for the best muscle growth

Adding resistance training to protein pulsing really boosts your potential muscle protein synthesis.  Training with weights or resistance causes an increase in the uptake in amino acids.  Consuming protein prior to working out can help boost muscle building even more.  Many serious weight trainers swear by BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) prior to workouts.  This is especially true if you workout in the morning prior to eating.

Also, research points to greater results with more frequent resistance training.  Four days per week training may be optimal.  For the most effective workout see best muscle gaining workout for men over 50.

Protein pulsing with organic whey

Whey protein powder is perhaps the best source of amino acids for the best muscle growth diet and protein pulsing.  However, typical mass produced protein powders are of poor quality and may actually cause digestive issues and impair male hormone optimization.

These protein supplements may come from sick cows given antibiotics that have been fed grains treated with chemical pesticides.  A basic tenet of your nutrition plan, especially for men over 50, should be a transition to organic foods.  And for some, protein powder supplements are a primary component of their diet.

As part of your protein pulsing and best muscle growth diet, you should avoid most whey protein you see at the store and stick with only organic whey protein.  Here are the benefits of organic protein powder.

For more details on pulsing protein see T-Nation.

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Protein timing appears to be important, with a time dependent ceiling on protein synthesis.  In one study, subjects were given up to 90 grams of protein spread out over several hours.  Protein synthesis increased by approximately 45% versus consuming the entire amount in one sitting.

You could infer from this that eating all your protein in one sitting sacrifices potential protein synthesis and muscle building.

Best Muscle Gaining Diet – The Renegade Diet

Combine intermittent fasting with protein pulsing and you have the solution for hormone optimizing, fat burning, and muscle building. It’s the best muscle growth diet available.

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Low carb diets are the best for losing fat.  False

High protein diets build more muscle and burn more fat.  False

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  False

You need to cut calories and no carbs at night.  False

Research indicates that all these assumptions are wrong.  The Renegade Diet is a well researched and tested plan.  A complete blueprint, easy to follow, no contradictory crap either.  At less than $10 you can’t afford not to give it a try.  The results are impressive!  Especially when combined with the right muscle building plan. Blog post from a fitness model who diets this way.

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