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Why use arginine?

Here are the 4 best supplements for men that are vital to getting and staying fit after 50.   Each of these men's health supplements is mentioned for its effect throughout Fit After 50 and these links to the products with the highest recommendation considering the dosage, quantity, and price.

See why natural vitamins are critical to your health and why you should avoid synthetic vitamins.

The 4 groups of men's supplements that men over 50 should take are hormone boosters, prostate protectors, antioxidants, and vascular health supplements.

Vitamins For Men Over 50

There's actually a daily multi-vitamin & supplement formulation specifically for men over 50 - Men's 50 Plus.

It's all-in-one supplement that conveniently combines vitamins, antioxidants for anti-aging, prostate protection, vascular health protection, and even memory boosting!

The 4 Best Supplements For Men

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Supplements for men

Why use lysine?

Why use glutamine?

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Why use citrulline?

Why use secretagogue?

Why use niacin?

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Which Natural Testosterone Supplements Actually Work

Why use muira puama?

Why use horny goat?

Why use zinc?

Why use tribulus?

Why use fenugreek?

Why use nettle root?

Men’s Supplements - Testosterone Training & Muscle Building

Zinc - 50 - 80mg daily.

Horny Goat Weed - 1,000mg daily

Muira Puama - 300mg daily

Pygeum - 25mg  daily.

Tribulus Terrestris - 500mg - 750mg daily

Fenugreek - 1,200mg daily

2. Supplements For Men - Prostate Protectors

Did you know that by age of 80, 9 out of 10 men will suffer from symptoms of incontinence, disrupted sleep, impotence, and even death because of the prostate?

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) or enlarged prostate is the number one medical diagnosis for men over 55 in America.  80% of American men will experience some problems associated with their prostates.

Though the symptoms seem inevitable, you can take steps now to avoid problems.

To keep your prostate gland functioning normally and healthy-sized, here's an action plan with recommended prostate nutrients to head off prostate problems or reduce current symptoms.

* Bee Pollen - 1000mg, 2 times per day

* Boron - 3 to 6mg, once per day

* Stinging Nettle Root - 300mg, once a day. Make sure this is nettle "root" not nettle "leaf"

* Pumpkin Seed Extract - 200mg, 2 times per day

* Pygeum Africanum - 25mg, once per day

Trouble-Free Prostate

How to train and eat for maximum growth hormone release.

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How To Lower Cortisol And Estrogen In Men

3. Supplements For Men - Antioxidants

Men's Vitamins & Supplements - Testosterone boosters, growth hormone releasers, prostate protection, estrogen blockers and much more.

Click the "Why Use …" button and learn more about each supplement on this page - what it's good for, why it's effective, proper dosage, how to cycle supplements.

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DIM for testerone

Why use Ashwagandha?

Men’s 50 Plus

Why use Men’s 50 Plus?

4. Supplements For Men - Cardiovascular

Nitric oxide is a substance found naturally in your cells that signals your body to relax blood vessels, regulates body temperature and hormone release, and gives you powerful blood flow.

Researchers call NO the "miracle molecule", and your body's primary defense against heart disease and high blood pressure.

How To Increase Nitric Oxide

Your body uses two amino acids to trigger the release of nitric oxide:  L-arginine and citrulline.

How To Naturally Boost Nitric Oxide

nitric oxide boosters

Supplements to boost nitric oxide

Order glutamine on AmazonOrder citrulline on AmazonOrder Niacin on AmazonOrder Horny Goat Weed on AmazonOrder Zinc on AmazonOrder Tribulus on AmazonOrder Nettle Root on AmazonOrganic Protein PowderSupplements for men

Organic Protein Powder

Men's 50 Plus doesn't have everything you need,  but it does eliminate the need to take 50 separate supplements (and it gives you the right amounts as well).  Check out the Men's 50 Plus Label to see why this should be the basis of your supplement plan.

1. Supplements For Men - Hormone Boosters

As we grow older changes like weight gain, low energy, loss of memory, lost sex drive, loss of muscle size, decreased immune function, and a decrease in our general sense of well being happen.

What stands out as the cause of these negative effects of aging is the gradual loss of human growth hormone and low testosterone.  These hormone drops actually start when you're in your 20s and then pick up speed after 40 years old.

Here's how to increase HGH (Growth Hormone) and IGF-1 levels naturally and safely and how to boost testosterone levels naturally. These hormone boosters are also considered some of the best supplements for men who want muscle growth.

Supplements for Muscle Growth & Growth Hormone Release

Best Organic Whey

Best grass fed whey protein


Why use Myomin?

grass fed protein liver

Grass Fed Protein