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Vitamins for men over 50

Vitamins for men over 50 should not come from synthetic sources.

Are you taking a multi-vitamin or other supplement as part of your nutrition plan? Have you noticed that your urine turns a deep or bright color from those vitamins? It’s because your body isn’t absorbing the vitamins properly.

The better way to assure you’re getting proper nutrients and absorbing them is through 100% whole food sources.  Natural greens and grass supplements not only boost your body's alkalinity and help your digestive system, but also can benefit your energy, overall health, and mood.

Vitamins for men over 50

Men’s 50 Plus Multivitamin is a specially formulated blend of 22 essential vitamins and minerals combined with high-potency botanical extracts to provide optimal nutritional support for men over 50.

This product is promoted as being designed to meet the health needs of men over 50, providing a high-quality, standardized extract of saw palmetto, a botanical often combined with other nutrients for prostate support.

A healthier alternative is a greens supplement made from natural grasses and containing digestive enzymes and probiotics in addition to natural vitamins.  Highly recommended with many customer testimonials are Amazing Grass, Vitamineral Green, and Athletic Greens.

Diet for men over 50

Losing fat while gaining muscle is in fact possible with The Renegade Diet!  With the Renegade style of eating you can lose fat quickly, slow the aging process, optimize your hormone production naturally (less estrogen and cortisol, and more growth hormone and testosterone), improve your digestive system, and look and feel better than ever.

Your beliefs about how you should eat may get turned upside down . . .

Low carb diets are the best for losing fat.  False

High protein diets build more muscle and burn more fat.  False

You should eat every 3 hours, 6 meals a day.  False

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  False

You need to cut calories and no carbs at night.  False

Research indicates that all these assumptions are wrong.  The Renegade Diet is a well researched and tested plan.  A complete blueprint, easy to follow, no contradictory crap either.

At less than $10 you can’t afford not to give it a try.  The results are impressive!  Especially when combined with the right muscle building plan. Blog post from a fitness model who diets this way.

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Amazing Grass Vitamineral Green vitamins for men over 50

Learn more about Vitamineral Green from HealthForce.

How does Amazing Grass compare to Vitamineral Green?

The Renegade Diet Works

Discover the simple nutrition plan that cuts through all the nonsense and lets you eat carbs, boost hormones, pig out, and get ripped. Losing fat while gaining muscle is in fact possible with The Renegade Diet!

Since I started working out with basic moves and bodyweight exercises using mostly gymnastic rings, I've gotten much stronger and have added substantial muscle . . . and this comes after 36 years of working out!  Check out HFT2 to get started immediately!

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